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Factoids for the month of October, 2011

Factoid/2011/10/03The Beach - Public or Private?
Factoid/2011/10/04Oyster Beds Thriving in Florida
Factoid/2011/10/05Galveston Debates Coastal Setback
Factoid/2011/10/06We Need a National Ocean Policy
Factoid/2011/10/07We Can Help the Environment and the Economy
Factoid/2011/10/10Shoreline Development Guidelines Adopted for San Francisco Bay
Factoid/2011/10/11Tuvalu - Poster Child for Climate Change Impacts?
Factoid/2011/10/12Surfboard Foam Dust Can Clean Up Oil Spills
Factoid/2011/10/13Some Bridges and Highways on the Outer Banks are Unsustainable
Factoid/2011/10/14Public Funds Being Spent to Protect Private Beaches
Factoid/2011/10/17Using Educational Films to Protect the Ocean
Factoid/2011/10/18Coral Reef Preservation Goes Back Centuries
Factoid/2011/10/19High Hazard Areas Reduced in Florida
Factoid/2011/10/20Blackened beaches threaten NZ tourism
Factoid/2011/10/21Dangerous Virus Detected in Wild Pacific Salmon
Factoid/2011/10/24Coral Reef Protection in Puerto Rico
Factoid/2011/10/25Tracking Debris from Japan Tsunami
Factoid/2011/10/26Hawaii's Coral Reefs are Worth $33 Billion
Factoid/2011/10/27New Discoveries in the Ocean
Factoid/2011/10/28Free Online Workshops to Learn More About the Ocean
Factoid/2011/10/31Blue Mind