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Factoids for the month of November, 2011

Factoid/2011/11/01Abandon the West End of Galveston Island?
Factoid/2011/11/02Remembering The Perfect Storm
Factoid/2011/11/03Kelly Slater's Wavepool
Factoid/2011/11/04Western Australia Government OKs Shark Kills - Seriously??
Factoid/2011/11/07California Ocean and Coastal Photograph Winners Announced
Factoid/2011/11/08Is Bad Sand Better Than No Sand?
Factoid/2011/11/09Gold Mining at the Beach - Is This a Problem?
Factoid/2011/11/10Gulf Oil Spill - Still Feelin' It
Factoid/2011/11/11Massive Coastal Flood Protection in Tokyo
Factoid/2011/11/14Moving Towards a Long-Term Solution at Ocean Beach
Factoid/2011/11/15New Jersey Modifies Beach Access Rules
Factoid/2011/11/16Surf City Vietnam?
Factoid/2011/11/17Desalination is a Disincentive to Conservation and Recycling
Factoid/2011/11/18Respect the Beach!
Factoid/2011/11/21South Padre Island Rejects Paid Beach Parking
Factoid/2011/11/22Ocean Beach Master Plan Moves Forward
Factoid/2011/11/23Robots Will Monitor for Algae Blooms
Factoid/2011/11/28Our Mother.............LUCA?
Factoid/2011/11/29We're Creating a Plastic Ocean
Factoid/2011/11/30Dunes are Worth More Than Condo Views!