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Factoids for the month of November, 2011

Factoid/2011/12/01Harmful Algal Blooms Are Increasing
Factoid/2011/12/02Tracking Sewage Leaks With Caffeine
Factoid/2011/12/05Reminder: The Beaches Are Moving
Factoid/2011/12/06Check Out the Hairy-Armed Yeti Crab
Factoid/2011/12/07San Diego State Starts Center for Surf Research
Factoid/2011/12/08Plastic Pollution - It Wasn't Always This Way
Factoid/2011/12/09There are Waves in the Basque Pyrenees
Factoid/2011/12/12We Continue to Plunder Our Ocean Resources
Factoid/2011/12/13We Must Understand the Past to Protect the Future
Factoid/2011/12/14A Whale Shouldn't Have to Die Like This
Factoid/2011/12/15130-mile Coastal Recreation Area Proposed for Texas
Factoid/2011/12/16"Fountains" of Methane Discovered in the Arctic Ocean
Factoid/2011/12/19We Need to Measure Ocean Health in Order to Protect It
Factoid/2011/12/20Town Tries to Justify Seawall by Changing the Rules
Factoid/2011/12/21A Lot to Explore Under the Sea
Factoid/2011/12/22More Beach Fill and Coastal Armoring in South Carolina
Factoid/2011/12/2310 Last Minute Gifts for the Ocean
Factoid/2011/12/26Does Lack of Planning Make Coastal Erosion an Emergency?
Factoid/2011/12/27There's a Hole in This Beach Fill Project
Factoid/2011/12/28Marine Debris Removal and Education in Puerto Rico
Factoid/2011/12/29Concerns Remain About Offshore Oil Drilling
Factoid/2011/12/30Beach Access is Threatened at S-Turns