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Factoids for the month of January, 2012

Factoid/2012/01/02Ormond Beach's Seaweed - a Natural Part of the Beach Ecosystem
Factoid/2012/01/03Access Issues Continue in Malibu
Factoid/2012/01/04Paying for Armoring in Malibu
Factoid/2012/01/05It's Getting Noisy Under the Waves
Factoid/2012/01/06Planned Retreat - A New Buzzword
Factoid/2012/01/09Seawalls Kill Beaches!
Factoid/2012/01/10New Smyrna Beach Waves are Threatened
Factoid/2012/01/11Nature Bats Last
Factoid/2012/01/12Managed Retreat of Entire Villages in Alaska
Factoid/2012/01/13Those Who Cannot Learn from History are Doomed to Repeat It
Factoid/2012/01/16'Marine Snow' Supports Organisms on the Sea Floor
Factoid/2012/01/17We Need to Work Together to Protect the Ocean
Factoid/2012/01/18The Only Private Beach in Texas is for Sale
Factoid/2012/01/19Upwelling Means Biological Productivity
Factoid/2012/01/20Shark Finning is Wrong!
Factoid/2012/01/23Surfing Should Not Be a Crime!
Factoid/2012/01/24More Armoring of the California Coast
Factoid/2012/01/25No Alternative to Stormwater Pipes Across the Beach - Really?
Factoid/2012/01/26Advertising at the Beach - Is This a Problem?
Factoid/2012/01/27Ignoring Florida's Sand Rule
Factoid/2012/01/30There's an App for Tracking Great White Sharks
Factoid/2012/01/31Recycling in Gaining Ground in the Surf Industry