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Factoids for the month of February, 2012

Factoid/2012/02/01A Fish in the Water
Factoid/2012/02/02Today is World Wetlands Day
Factoid/2012/02/03Oil and Water Don't Mix
Factoid/2012/02/06Tidal Energy Projects Move Ahead in NY and MA
Factoid/2012/02/07Beach Mining in Washington to be Discussed
Factoid/2012/02/08Healthy Coasts are Key to Healthy Economies
Factoid/2012/02/09Seawalls Often Cause Other Seawalls
Factoid/2012/02/10There's a Lot of Power in Waves!
Factoid/2012/02/12Sewage Spills Continue to Impact our Beaches
Factoid/2012/02/14It's Valentines Day - Do You Love Your Beach?
Factoid/2012/02/15North Carolina - Groins Coming to a Beach Near You?
Factoid/2012/02/16People Should Be Told About Sewer Spills!
Factoid/2012/02/17Sandy Beaches Are an Ecosystem!
Factoid/2012/02/21Runoff from Land is Making Sealife Sick
Factoid/2012/02/22Beach Fill Buries Beach Life
Factoid/2012/02/23Awards Pile Up for Peter Douglas
Factoid/2012/02/24Massachusetts Bottle Bill Update Gains Steam
Factoid/2012/02/27Oregon Approves Marine Reserves
Factoid/2012/02/28Our Beaches are Worth Millions (But You Knew That)