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Factoids for the month of March, 2012

Factoid/2012/03/01Sewage Spills Increase in South Florida
Factoid/2012/03/02The Ocean - Brought to You by Google
Factoid/2012/03/05What's the Ocean Worth?
Factoid/2012/03/06South Padre Island Has a Nice Beach Access Guide and Progressive Beach Maintenance Procedures
Factoid/2012/03/07The Ocean is Not a Dump!
Factoid/2012/03/08Natural Defenses are Best for our Beaches
Factoid/2012/03/09Algae Blooms and Jellyfish - Is This the Future of the Ocean?
Factoid/2012/03/12Is Maintaining Highway 12 a Lost Cause?
Factoid/2012/03/13Changes to Beach Driving in Florida
Factoid/2012/03/14Wetlands Provide Multiple Benefits
Factoid/2012/03/15Know Your H2O!
Factoid/2012/03/16An Entire Island Nation Relocated?
Factoid/2012/03/19Surfrider Works for Clean Water
Factoid/2012/03/20It's the 40 Year Anniversary of the Coastal Zone Management Act
Factoid/2012/03/21It's the 40 Year Anniversary of the Clean Water Act
Factoid/2012/03/22Today is World Water Day!
Factoid/2012/03/23The Beach is Not a Dump!
Factoid/2012/03/26Marine Spatial Planning Makes Sense
Factoid/2012/03/27Surfrider Supports Ban on Cruise Ship Discharges in Washington Waters
Factoid/2012/03/28Beach Fill Projects Can Degrade Wave Quality
Factoid/2012/03/29Ocean Pollution is Common Near River Mouths
Factoid/2012/03/30National Ocean Policy Will Help Fishermen