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Factoids for the month of April, 2012

Factoid/2012/04/02Scooping the Poop is Good; Leaving the Bag on the Beach is Bad
Factoid/2012/04/03There's Still Oil on Gulf Coast Beaches
Factoid/2012/04/04A Coastal High Rise With a 214-foot Height Variance?
Factoid/2012/04/05One Beach........and Every Beach
Factoid/2012/04/06New Jersey Beach Access - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Factoid/2012/04/09SF's Ocean Beach Erosion - Is There a Solution?
Factoid/2012/04/10Coastal Areas Should Always Be Prepared for Tsunamis
Factoid/2012/04/11We are Custodians of our Coastlines
Factoid/2012/04/12Texas Supreme Court Limits Beach Access
Factoid/2012/04/13Respect the Power of the Ocean
Factoid/2012/04/16Wave Energy Research is Progressing in Florida
Factoid/2012/04/17What are We Doing to our Friends the Dolphins?
Factoid/2012/04/18Stormwater - Philadelphia is Doing It Right
Factoid/2012/04/19Going the Wrong Way - Connecticut May Make Coastal Armoring Easier
Factoid/2012/04/20This Sunday is Earth Day
Factoid/2012/04/23The Beach - Please Leave It Cleaner Than You Found It
Factoid/2012/04/24Ocean Acidification - It's Here
Factoid/2012/04/25The National Ocean Policy Will Help Protect and Restore Our Ocean Resources
Factoid/2012/04/26A Wall of Condos or Open Space at the Beach?
Factoid/2012/04/27California Tidepools - There's an App for That
Factoid/2012/04/30Beach Too Polluted? Just Move It