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Factoids for the month of May, 2012

Factoid/2012/05/01Beach Access is a Universal Right
Factoid/2012/05/02Sea Level Rise is Real
Factoid/2012/05/03We're Going to Have to Face Up to the Reality of Sea Level Rise
Factoid/2012/05/04Oil Spill Dispersants May Facilitate Skin Absorption
Factoid/2012/05/07New Film Allows You to Experience the Changing Arctic
Factoid/2012/05/08Jellyfish are on the Rise
Factoid/2012/05/09Beach Cleanups Can Change Behavior and Increase Appreciaion of the Ocean
Factoid/2012/05/10Hundreds of Dead Dolphins in Peru
Factoid/2012/05/11There's Even More Plastic in the Ocean Than We Thought
Factoid/2012/05/14Bali Beaches Have a Serious Pollution Problem
Factoid/2012/05/15Some Good Water Quality News
Factoid/2012/05/16Continued Sewage Spill Woes Along the Border
Factoid/2012/05/17Beaches - Part of the American Dream
Factoid/2012/05/18Seismic Surveys = Undersea Warfare
Factoid/2012/05/21$9M Beach Fill - Was It Worth It?
Factoid/2012/05/22Beaches are Resiliant after Earthquake and Tsunami
Factoid/2012/05/23Rebuild or Retreat Debated in Connecticut
Factoid/2012/05/24Offshore Oil Drilling No Safer Two Years After Gulf Disaster
Factoid/2012/05/25Natural Beaches Still Exist
Factoid/2012/05/29Dunes Should Be Protected
Factoid/2012/05/30Florida's New Online Beach Access Guide is Now Complete
Factoid/2012/05/3170 Percent of the Beaches on Oahu, Maui and Kauai are Eroding