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Factoids for the month of June, 2012

Factoid/2012/06/01Rat Feces Blamed for Beach Pollution in Florida
Factoid/2012/06/04Beach Grooming Debated in Michigan
Factoid/2012/06/05North Carolina Bill Would Dictate Head-in-the-Sand Science
Factoid/2012/06/06The Coastal Zone Management Act Has Helped Protect Our Coasts for 40 Years
Factoid/2012/06/07Coastal Protection Means Preserving a Natural Coastline
Factoid/2012/06/08Today is World Oceans Day!
Factoid/2012/06/11Managed Retreat is Becoming More Acceptable
Factoid/2012/06/12Balloons Blow... Don't Let Them Go!
Factoid/2012/06/13Hawaii To Regulate Pesticides in Waterways
Factoid/2012/06/14Seismic Surveys Injure and Kill Sea Life
Factoid/2012/06/15Some Members of Congress Are Trying to Gut the National Ocean Policy
Factoid/2012/06/18Plankton Can Live Beneath Sea Ice
Factoid/2012/06/19Videos Will Raise Awareness of Ocean Issues
Factoid/2012/06/20Armoring is Bad for our Shorelines
Factoid/2012/06/21Australia Creates World's Largest Marine Reserve Network
Factoid/2012/06/22Plastic in the Ocean and on Our Beaches is Increasing
Factoid/2012/06/25Beaches Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors
Factoid/2012/06/26Our Health Depends on the Ocean's Health
Factoid/2012/06/27Bilge Dumping is a Serious Problem
Factoid/2012/06/28Marine Protected Areas Work!
Factoid/2012/06/29June is National Oceans Month