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Factoids for the month of July, 2012

Factoid/2012/07/02Our Coasts Are Worth a Lot
Factoid/2012/07/03Beaches are Becoming More Artificial
Factoid/2012/07/05Ocean Friendly Gardens Have Multiple Benefits
Factoid/2012/07/06A Salp Bloom is in Progress
Factoid/2012/07/09Walter B. Jones Memorial Award Winners Announced
Factoid/2012/07/10Marine Sanctuaries Have Multiple Benefits
Factoid/2012/07/11A Pristine Barrier Island Exists in New Jersey
Factoid/2012/07/12Waves Have Value!
Factoid/2012/07/13Our Ocean's Biodiversity is Astounding
Factoid/2012/07/16People Pay Dearly for Beach Access in Tuscany
Factoid/2012/07/17Beach Monitoring is in Jeopardy in Hawaii
Factoid/2012/07/18Oysters Can Help Clean Up Water - To A Point
Factoid/2012/07/19We Can Correct Past Environmental Mistakes
Factoid/2012/07/20The Beach - Love It and Protect It
Factoid/2012/07/23Seismic Testing Kills Marine Mammals
Factoid/2012/07/24The Coastal Act and Coastal Commission Have Preserved Beach Access in California
Factoid/2012/07/25The Ocean Begins at Your Front Door
Factoid/2012/07/26We're Losing Our Last Undersea Research Base
Factoid/2012/07/27The Gulf Oil Spill - Was the Cure Worse Than the Disease?
Factoid/2012/07/30Tons of Marine Debris are Collected Annually from Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Factoid/2012/07/31Epoxy Resins Make Your Board Last Longer