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Factoids for the month of August, 2012

Factoid/2012/08/01Marine Reserves Help Recovery After Environmental Disasters
Factoid/2012/08/02There are 'Beach Badge Bouncers' in Margate, NJ
Factoid/2012/08/03'Tour for the Shore' in NJ/NY Starts August 10
Factoid/2012/08/06The Convention on the Law of the Sea Has Never Been Allowed a Senate Vote
Factoid/2012/08/07You Can Tell EPA Why 'Water is Worth It.'
Factoid/2012/08/08Abu Dhabi Has Women-Only Private Beaches
Factoid/2012/08/09Plastics in the Ocean Are Entering the Food Chain
Factoid/2012/08/10Bottled Water Isn't 'Smart'
Factoid/2012/08/13NOAA's Marine Debris Program Helps Address the Problem of Plastic Trash in the Ocean
Factoid/2012/08/14Beaches are Growing Near Elwha Rivermouth
Factoid/2012/08/15Barrier Islands in Texas are 'Rolling Backward'
Factoid/2012/08/16Ocean Temperatures are Much Warmer Than Normal in New Jersey
Factoid/2012/08/17Beach Fill in Delaware Has Impacted Surfing Areas
Factoid/2012/08/20We Can Now Measure Ocean Health
Factoid/2012/08/21Beaches Can Protect Us - If We Let Them
Factoid/2012/08/22Ocean Energy Projects are Advancing in Oregon
Factoid/2012/08/23Surfing Makes You Feel Good!
Factoid/2012/08/24Proposed Federal Funding for Beach Monitoring is Zero
Factoid/2012/08/27New York is Considering Installing Storm Surge Barriers
Factoid/2012/08/28Surfers are Well Educated, Employed and Spend a Lot of Money
Factoid/2012/08/29A Tsunami of Garbage Enters the Ocean Every Day
Factoid/2012/08/30Beach Monitoring in Some States May Stop
Factoid/2012/08/31Marine Animals Can't Protect Themselves Against Our Pollution