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Factoids for the month of September, 2012

Factoid/2012/09/04Cook Islands and New Caledonia Have Created The World's Largest Marine Parks
Factoid/2012/09/05Fish are Returning to Tortugas Ecological Reserve
Factoid/2012/09/06Surfrider Has a Youth Service Program Called QUAD
Factoid/2012/09/07Bottom Trawling Harms Marine Life and the Seabed
Factoid/2012/09/10California's Ocean Protection Act Has Been Nominated for an Award
Factoid/2012/09/11Green Infrastructure Has Multiple Benefits
Factoid/2012/09/12This Saturday is Coastal Cleanup Day!
Factoid/2012/09/13Coral Reefs are Disappearing Off Maui
Factoid/2012/09/14Avatar 2 and 3 Will Focus on the Ocean Ecosystem
Factoid/2012/09/17When Summer's Over, Beach Parking is Free (Delaware)
Factoid/2012/09/18The National Marine Sanctuaries Act is Turning 40
Factoid/2012/09/19Much of the Ocean Remains Unsurveyed
Factoid/2012/09/20Australia is Going Backwards on Coastal Policy
Factoid/2012/9/20Ocean Temperatures Set Records in the NE for First Half of 2012
Factoid/2012/09/21Beach Conditions in Florida - There's an App for That
Factoid/2012/09/24This is Sea Otter Awareness Week!
Factoid/2012/09/25Algae and Bacteria Play a Vital Role in the Ocean
Factoid/2012/09/26Apps Can Help With Ocean Conservation
Factoid/2012/09/27PG&E's Seismic Testing Could Kill Thousands of Marine Mammals
Factoid/2012/09/28Undersea Exploration is Now Possible Via the Internet