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Factoids for the month of October, 2012

Factoid/2012/10/01Southern California Beach Water Quality is Improving - But There are Still Problem Areas
Factoid/2012/10/02Going Green Can Help Save the Blue
Factoid/2012/10/03There's Good News and Bad News From Antarctic Research
Factoid/2012/10/04Responsible Fisheries Management Can Save Fisheries and Increase Yields
Factoid/2012/10/05Restore Sloat Campaign is Making Progress
Factoid/2012/10/08Some Once-Pristine Beaches Now Require Regular Mechanical Cleaning
Factoid/2012/10/09Gulf Oil Spill Killed Corals
Factoid/2012/10/10Galveston: Groomed Beaches Aren't Natural
Factoid/2012/10/11Curb Cuts are a Simple Way to Reduce Pollution
Factoid/2012/10/12New Jersey Beach Access Rules are a Step Backwards
Factoid/2012/10/15Pack Out What We Pack In to the Beach
Factoid/2012/10/16Fish Poop Helps Carbon Cycling
Factoid/2012/10/17Corals are Dying in Hanalei Bay on Kauai
Factoid/2012/10/18Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act
Factoid/2012/10/19Ocean Research is Chronically Underfunded
Factoid/2012/10/22There is Such a Thing as Surfing Etiquette
Factoid/2012/10/23There's a New EPA App for Water Quality
Factoid/2012/10/24The Ocean is Not a Dump!
Factoid/2012/10/25Glass Beach - Beautiful or a Cautionary Tale?
Factoid/2012/10/26More Rip-Rap Means Less Beach
Factoid/2012/10/29We Love Beaches!
Factoid/2012/10/30There a Lot of Energy Potential from the Ocean
Factoid/2012/10/31The Clean Water Act Has Improved Water Quality