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Factoids for the month of December, 2012

Factoid/2012/12/03Only Bad Things Come From Building on the Beach
Factoid/2012/12/04Would You Believe a 2.5-foot Isopod?
Factoid/2012/12/05Dispersant Makes Oil from Spills 52 Times More Toxic
Factoid/2012/12/0666 Coral Species Proposed to be Listed as Endangered or Threatened
Factoid/2012/12/07The Beach Has Something for Everyone
Factoid/2012/12/10Soon There Will Be Underwater Resorts
Factoid/2012/12/11A National Open Beaches Act Would Return Beaches to Their Rightful Owners
Factoid/2012/12/12There Will Be 'King Tides' Along the West Coast This Week
Factoid/2012/12/13First Marine Wilderness Area in Continental U.S. Set for Northern California
Factoid/2012/12/14There was a Record Low Amount of Ice in the Arctic This Year
Factoid/2012/12/17NOAA is Mapping Underwater Noise
Factoid/2012/12/18FEMA Has Released New Flood Maps for the Jersey Shore
Factoid/2012/12/19Network of Undersea Parks Completed in California
Factoid/2012/12/20Dumping Iron in the Ocean is a Dumb Idea
Factoid/2012/12/21Beach Nourishment - Is It Worth It? Who Should Pay?
Factoid/2012/12/24Let's Make 2013 a Better Year for the Ocean