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Factoids for the month of February, 2015

Factoid/2015/02/02Coastal Victories Often Have Long Term Benefits
Factoid/2015/02/03Coastal Adaptation Planning is Needed for Shoreline Protection
Factoid/2015/02/04Wastewater Recycling is Better Than Disposal
Factoid/2015/02/05Surfrider's Water Testing Program Seeks to Solve Pollution Problems
Factoid/2015/02/06Maui's Wastewater Injection Wells are Polluting the Ocean
Factoid/2015/02/09There May Be a Better, Safer Alternative to Seismic Surveys
Factoid/2015/02/10The Tasman Sea Has 1,000-foot Waves (Underwater)
Factoid/2015/02/11The Federal Government Has Proposed Offshore Oil Drilling in the Atlantic
Factoid/2015/02/12Nortrh Carolina is Considering an LNG Export Terminal
Factoid/2015/02/13Surfrider's Delaware Chapter is Appealing a Planned New Ocean Outfall
Factoid/2015/02/16A Good Bill is Battling Bad Development in South Carolina
Factoid/2015/02/178,000 Pounds of Trash Appear Daily on Miami-Dade's Beaches
Factoid/2015/02/18Surfrider is Helping to Create Butt-Free Beaches and Parks In Hawaii
Factoid/2015/02/19Offshore Oil Drilling is Not the Answer
Factoid/2015/02/20Going Green Can Help Solve Runoff Problems
Factoid/2015/02/23California's Beach Access Laws Now Have Teeth
Factoid/2015/02/24A Beach is a River of Sand
Factoid/2015/02/25New Details on Montauk Erosion Project are Disturbing
Factoid/2015/02/26Many States Are Considering Microbead Bans
Factoid/2015/02/27Students are Meeting This Weekend to Develop Solutions to Plastic Pollution