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Factoids for the month of March, 2015

Factoid/2015/03/02Some Communities are Getting Serious About Sea Level Rise Planning
Factoid/2015/03/03Natural Rivers Feed the Coast
Factoid/2015/03/04U.S. Army Corps of Engineeres is Ignoring Local Laws to Build a Massive Sandbag Revetment in Montauk
Factoid/2015/03/05Sensible Coastal Solutions Exist
Factoid/2015/03/06The Ocean is Earth's Life Support
Factoid/2015/03/09Potable Reuse of Wastewater Makes Sense
Factoid/2015/03/10Legal Surfing Beaches May Be Expanding in New York
Factoid/2015/03/11Butts on the Beach are a Problem Worldwide
Factoid/2015/03/12NOAA Monitors Coral Bleaching by Satellite
Factoid/2015/03/13Saturday is Pi Day of the Century!
Factoid/2015/03/16Offshore Drilling Has Many Onshore Impacts
Factoid/2015/03/17Wave Buoys Provide Useful Information
Factoid/2015/03/18Building in "High Hazard" Coastal Areas is Not Wise
Factoid/2015/03/19Plastic Bags are Bad News for Sea Turtles
Factoid/2015/03/20Corals Eat Microplastics (and that's not a good thing)
Factoid/2015/03/23Lionfish Control Plan - Catch, Cook and Eat
Factoid/2015/03/24Can a Seawall Be Eco-Friendly?
Factoid/2015/03/25Prominent Marine Scientists Have Asked the President to Block Seismic Testing in the Atlantic
Factoid/2015/03/26You Can Thank Phytoplankton For Your Life
Factoid/2015/03/27Florida's Response to Climate Change Seems to be Denial
Factoid/2015/03/30Waikiki Beach is Almost Entirely Man-Made
Factoid/2015/03/31Cesspools Pollute