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Factoids for the month of April, 2015

Factoid/2015/04/01Offshore Oil Drilling is Not the Answer
Factoid/2015/04/02The Coastal Barrier Resources Act Says "Don't Subsidize Stupid Stuff"
Factoid/2015/04/03Building Lines and Setbacks Help Protect the Coast
Factoid/2015/04/06We Often Fail to Learn From History
Factoid/2015/04/07Plastics - Even Prince Charles Gets It
Factoid/2015/04/08Regulations Don't Always Prevent Coastal Homeowners from Building Seawalls
Factoid/2015/04/09Much of the U.S. Population Lives in Low-Elevation Coastal Zones
Factoid/2015/04/10Water Conservation and Recycling Helps Protect the Ocean
Factoid/2015/04/13Hawaii is Getting Serious About Renewable Energy
Factoid/2015/04/15A Former Oil Regulator Says Offshore Oil Drilling in the Atlantic is Not the Answer
Factoid/2015/04/16Sea Level Rise is Real in Florida
Factoid/2015/04/17Coastal Land is Rapidly Disappearing in Louisiana
Factoid/2015/04/20Beware of the Ban-Bans
Factoid/2015/04/21Do-It-Yourself Water Recycling is on the Rise
Factoid/2015/04/22Clean Water is Essential
Factoid/2015/04/23Oregon Unveiled a New 'Beach Bill' Sign on Earth Day
Factoid/2015/04/24California Has Strengthened Controls on Trash in Surface Waters
Factoid/2015/04/27Ocean Quotes Inspire Us
Factoid/2015/04/28The Governor of North Carolina Wants Drilling Closer to Shore
Factoid/2015/04/29Dolphins and Corals are Still Dying 5 Years After the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster
Factoid/2015/04/30North Carolina Seems to be Ignoring Coastal Environmental Issues