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Factoids for the month of July, 2015

Factoid/2015/07/01'Surfer Real Estate' is a Thing
Factoid/2015/07/02Spilled Oil Can Travel Over 100 Miles
Factoid/2015/07/03Many National Parks are at Risk from Sea Level Rise
Factoid/2015/07/06Water is Too Valuable to Use Only Once
Factoid/2015/07/07Artificial Turf Has Environmental Impacts
Factoid/2015/07/08Surfing is Not a Crime in Pacific City, Oregon
Factoid/2015/07/09Connecticut Park is Moving 'Up the Beach'
Factoid/2015/07/10Orange County's Water Recycling System is Expanding
Factoid/2015/07/13Beach Fill Can Alter the Surf - Forever
Factoid/2015/07/14Margo Pellegrino is Paddling for Clean Water (Again)
Factoid/2015/07/15Our Existence Depends on the Ocean
Factoid/2015/07/16We Are What We Eat
Factoid/2015/07/17The Nearshore Ocean is an Important Ecosystem
Factoid/2015/07/20The Public Should Be Warned Where Water Quality is Bad
Factoid/2015/07/21Plastic Bag Bans Work!
Factoid/2015/07/22Algae Blooms are a Huge Problem in China
Factoid/2015/07/23California Now Has a Beach Access App
Factoid/2015/07/24Combined Sewer Overflows Discharge Billions of Gallons of Untreated Sewage Into NY's Waterways
Factoid/2015/07/27Some NJ Residents Would Rather Have Views Than Protection
Factoid/2015/07/28MARCO's Ocean Data Portal Helps Show Why Our Beaches and Surf Spots Matter
Factoid/2015/07/29You Can Nominate an Ocean Protection Hero
Factoid/2015/07/30New Hampshire is Planning for Sea Level Rise. Is Your State?
Factoid/2015/07/31Clean Water Issues are Everywhere