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Factoids for the month of August, 2015

Factoid/2015/08/03'Flushable' Wipes Aren't
Factoid/2015/08/04Predicted Sea Level Rise Could Mean Big Problems for South Florida
Factoid/2015/08/05Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is Adding Surfing Areas
Factoid/2015/08/06Surfrider is Protecting Surfing Areas Worldwide
Factoid/2015/08/07Not All Plastic Bag Bans are the Same
Factoid/2015/08/10Nature Creates Beautiful Patterns in the Ocean
Factoid/2015/08/11Beach Fill is Getting More Expensive
Factoid/2015/08/12NOAA Has a Great Library of Ocean Photographs
Factoid/2015/08/13Flood Risk Reduction and Restoration of Natural Resources Can Go Hand in Hand
Factoid/2015/08/14Oregon's Beaches are Public - by Law.
Factoid/2015/08/17The eastern Pacific Ocean is Getting.......Weird
Factoid/2015/08/18Property Owners in Sandwich (MA) Would Rather Lose Their Beach Than Grant Easements
Factoid/2015/08/19Singapore is Using (and Reusing) Water Wisely
Factoid/2015/08/20Canada Says Shell Can Take Up to 3 Weeks to Cap an Oil Well Blowout
Factoid/2015/08/21The Total Length of the U.S. Shoreline is About 95,000 Miles
Factoid/2015/08/24A Signed Surfboard is Traveling from Florida to Delaware
Factoid/2015/08/25Managed Beaches Require Funding........Forever
Factoid/2015/08/26Beach Fill Projects Can Alter the Surf
Factoid/2015/08/27If You Have a Wetsuit, You Should Thank Jack O'Neill
Factoid/2015/08/28We Can Re-create our Cities to Reduce Pollution
Factoid/2015/08/31Many Sewage Treatment Plants are Located in Flood-Prone Areas