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Factoids for the month of October, 2015

Factoid/2015/10/01Tourism and Oil Spills Don't Mix
Factoid/2015/10/02Our Waste is Contaminating the Fish We Eat
Factoid/2015/10/05NOAA Removed Over 32,000 Pounds of Fishing Gear and Plastics from Midway Islands
Factoid/2015/10/06Plankton Play a Major Role in CO2 Storage in the Ocean
Factoid/2015/10/07Ocean Outfalls in North Carolina Carry Fecal Contamination
Factoid/2015/10/08Plans Have Been Announced for Two New Marine Sanctuaries
Factoid/2015/10/09Preparing for and Responding to Coastal Storms in a Big National Issue
Factoid/2015/10/12New York is Rebuilding in Flood Zones
Factoid/2015/10/13Maryland Has the World's Largest Man-Made Oyster Reef
Factoid/2015/10/14Nature Sustains Us
Factoid/2015/10/15The United States is an Ocean Nation
Factoid/2015/10/16Nuclear Waste Storage Approved Adjacent to Popular Surfing Beach - What Could Go Wrong?
Factoid/2015/10/19Most Of The Plastic In The Ocean Comes From Just A Few Countries
Factoid/2015/10/20Coral Reefs are Crucial for the Survival of the Ocean
Factoid/2015/10/21The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia has been approved as the newest World Surfing Reserve
Factoid/2015/10/22Florida Has a Lot of Failing Septic Tanks
Factoid/2015/10/23There May Be a Massive Sand Deposit Offshore of Texas
Factoid/2015/10/26Marine Protected Areas are Growing
Factoid/2015/10/27Like the Ocean, Chesapeake Bay is Warming
Factoid/2015/10/28The Latest Ocean Health Index Score is 70
Factoid/2015/10/29Building Continues in Many Eroding Beach Areas
Factoid/2015/10/30Sunscreens with Oxybenzone May Be Contributing to Bleaching of Coral Reefs