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Factoids for the month of November, 2015

Factoid/2015/11/02Ecosystem-Based Management Allows for Comprehensive Ocean Health Solutions
Factoid/2015/11/03A Developer in Texas is Ignoring State Regulations
Factoid/2015/11/04All 23 Coastal Communities in South Carolina Have Voted to Oppose Offshore Oil Drilling
Factoid/2015/11/05The Earth is Blue
Factoid/2015/11/06Animal Poop Matters
Factoid/2015/11/09Puerto Rico is Banning Plastic Bags
Factoid/2015/11/10The U.S. is Building Its First Offshore Wind Farm
Factoid/2015/11/11Surfing Has Been Proposed for the 2020 Olympics
Factoid/2015/11/12Surfers' Point is an Example of Using Natural Infrastructure
Factoid/2015/11/13Ocean Stewardship is Important
Factoid/2015/11/16Trash Cans Have Been Removed at an SF Beach - Will This Reduce Beach Trash?
Factoid/2015/11/17Kauai Will Generate 37% of Its Power from Renewable Resources by the End of 2015
Factoid/2015/11/18Sand From Beach Fill Projects Often Doesn't Last Long
Factoid/2015/11/19Today is World Toilet Day
Factoid/2015/11/20California's First Offshore Wind Farm Has Been Proposed
Factoid/2015/11/23Plastic Bag Recycling Doesn't Work
Factoid/2015/11/24Montauk Beach is Being Destroyed
Factoid/2015/11/25November is Manatee Awareness Month
Factoid/2015/11/30Natural Material Washing Up on Beaches Helps Protect Them From Erosion