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Factoids for the month of December, 2015

Factoid/2015/12/01Louisiana Has a Master Plan for Coastal Restoration, But It's Underfunded by $71 Billion
Factoid/2015/12/02Restoration After Major Oil Spills Can Cost Billions
Factoid/2015/12/03Wastewater Treatment Plants Can Become Water Resource Recovery Facilities
Factoid/2015/12/04Reconfiguration of the Long Beach Breakwater Will Be Evaluated
Factoid/2015/12/07Sea Turtles Face Multiple Hazards
Factoid/2015/12/08Florida Routinely Approves Construction Seaward of Their Coastal Construction Control Line
Factoid/2015/12/09Surfing May Just Be What the Doctor Ordered
Factoid/2015/12/10King Tides are Coming in California (and elsewhere)
Factoid/2015/12/11"Biodegradable" Plastics Don't Biodegrade
Factoid/2015/12/14Florida's Wastewater Outfalls Continue to Spew
Factoid/2015/12/15Green Infrastructure Can Markedly Reduce Stormwater Runoff Flows and Pollution
Factoid/2015/12/16Urban Landscapes Can Be Transformed to Help Reduce Runoff and Ocean Pollution
Factoid/2015/12/17Some Athletes in the Rio Olympics May Be Competing in Dangerously Polluted Waters
Factoid/2015/12/18Marine Debris Harms Corals
Factoid/2015/12/21Volunteers Are Helping to Clean Up the Tijuana River Watershed
Factoid/2015/12/22Coastal Towns are Facing Tough Tradeoffs
Factoid/2015/12/23We Can Learn From Storms. But Will We?
Factoid/2015/12/28Salmon are Skinnier In Warmer Water
Factoid/2015/12/29Oil Spills May Kill More Sea Life Than We Think
Factoid/2015/12/30Shoreline Erosion Management Can Be Hard or Soft
Factoid/2015/12/31Solutions Exist for Localized Ocean Cleanup