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Factoids for the month of July, 2019

Factoid/2019/02/01Humpback whales overwintering sing complex songs similar to breeding grounds
Factoid/2019/02/04Ringed seal pups face grave danger as loss of snow and sea ice exacerbate
Factoid/2019/02/05New population of at-risk seabirds brings hope
Factoid/2019/02/06Disease causes population collapse of sunflower sea stars
Factoid/2019/02/07Land-sea temperature differences increase air pollution
Factoid/2019/02/08Climate change may shift ocean colors by altering plankton
Factoid/2019/02/11Abrupt changes in seafloor topography can cause freak ocean waves
Factoid/2019/02/12Determining optimal oyster reef restoration locations
Factoid/2019/02/13Glacial melt provides unexpected new source of sand
Factoid/2019/02/14A biofilter that protects drinking water from harmful algal blooms
Factoid/2019/02/15Method to forecast underwater conditions in the Pacific Northwest
Factoid/2019/02/19Chronic seafood mislabelling in Canada happens throughout supply chain
Factoid/2019/02/20Climate change behind global decline of reef-building corals
Factoid/2019/02/21Ocean twilight zone is home to abundant deep sea life
Factoid/2019/02/22After years of reduced impact, seabird bycatch is on the rise
Factoid/2019/02/25Methane seeps may provide energy to tanner crabs
Factoid/2019/02/26Coral reef health varies with proximity to land
Factoid/2019/02/27Certain Methods to Address Climate Change Could Fuel Algal Blooms
Factoid/2019/02/28"Filling the Void Caused by Federal Inaction on Climate Change"