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Factoids for the month of March, 2019

Factoid/2019/03/01Water pollution credit-trading system in Wisconsin
Factoid/2019/03/03Sewage, bacteria and viruses found in some Milwaukee streams
Factoid/2019/03/05New technology to monitor fur seals
Factoid/2019/03/06Continued increase in CO2 could mean loss of marine layer clouds
Factoid/2019/03/07Reduced salinity causes "freshwater bleaching" of corals
Factoid/2019/03/08Warming waters disrupt fish productivity
Factoid/2019/03/11Natural climate solutions are not enough- industry must make changes now
Factoid/2019/03/12Subarctic lakes already suffering from climate change
Factoid/2019/03/13Warm water marine species seem to be migrating north
Factoid/2019/03/14Review of noise impacts to marine mammals could alter policy recommendations
Factoid/2019/03/15Learning about historical sea otter habitats from remnant sea otter tools
Factoid/2019/03/18Increased flooding means more polluted stormwater for local waterways, among other hazards
Factoid/2019/03/19Comparison study shows upriver hydroelectric dams cause severe damage to valuable coastlines
Factoid/2019/03/20The Arctic is melting faster than Antarctica, but this icy continent is not in the clear
Factoid/2019/03/21The ocean helps sequester carbon emissions, but it comes with a cost to marine health
Factoid/2019/03/22Where otters have disappeared, crab and lobster step in to control urchin population
Factoid/2019/03/25President proposes massive budget cuts to EPA & NOAA
Factoid/2019/03/2699 chemicals detected in Great Lake mussels
Factoid/2019/03/27Warming climate and stronger storms = increased threats to coastal forests
Factoid/2019/03/28Endangered least terns rely on protected dunes, safe from tourists and habitat loss
Factoid/2019/03/29One-tenth of the world's oceans could be protected by next year