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Factoids for the month of April, 2019

Factoid/2019/04/01Exploring the not-so-dead Dead Sea
Factoid/2019/04/02AtlantOS- A global effort to monitor the Atlantic Ocean
Factoid/2019/04/03Analyzing trade-offs for preparing cities for climate change
Factoid/2019/04/04Repurposing waste to valuable aquaculture feed sources
Factoid/2019/04/05Dairy feed recommendations to reduce water pollution
Factoid/2019/04/08Receding shorelines release new sources of carbon
Factoid/2019/04/09Green algae helps remove harmful hormones from wastewater
Factoid/2019/04/10Sharks and rays caught in Mediterranean and Black Seas go unreported
Factoid/2019/04/11Threats facing the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale
Factoid/2019/04/12Lost gray seal heads south instead of north
Factoid/2019/04/15Heavy metals in our coastal waters harm green sea turtles
Factoid/2019/04/18Orcas may be the true top predator in the ocean
Factoid/2019/04/19Health impacts of oil spills: from hydrocarbons to oil dispersants
Factoid/2019/04/22Offshore wind farm approved off Massachusetts
Factoid/2019/04/23New technology expected to increase the production of bio-based plastics
Factoid/2019/04/24One of our most important carbon sinks: the ocean
Factoid/2019/04/25Discovery of ancient crab species in Colombia and US
Factoid/2019/04/26The dangers of eutrophication
Factoid/2019/04/29New technique to assess coral reefs through DNA
Factoid/2019/04/30Squid skin inspires a next-gen space blanket