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Factoids for the month of May, 2019

Factoid/2019/05/01Once permanent, Arctic sea ice may soon become seasonal
Factoid/2019/05/02Westcoast rockfish populations on the rise
Factoid/2019/05/03Ocean acidification could put millions at risk
Factoid/2019/05/06Mysteries of the deep sea food web
Factoid/2019/05/07Tourism increases after installation of offshore wind farm
Factoid/2019/05/08Plastic additives and recycling rates
Factoid/2019/05/09Declining productivity in North Atlantic
Factoid/2019/05/10Frequent and longterm effects of oil spills
Factoid/2019/05/13Seagrass is a valuable tool for coastal preservation
Factoid/2019/05/14Delaware's massive marsh restoration project is thriving
Factoid/2019/05/15Cameras, artificial intelligence and marine science
Factoid/2019/05/16Secrets of fluorescent microalgae inform next gen solar cells
Factoid/2019/05/17Right whale calving season has begun
Factoid/2019/05/20Fishing lines continue to be top threat to North Atlantic right whales
Factoid/2019/05/21There's 1000x more uranium in the ocean than on land
Factoid/2019/05/22New species discovered in Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Factoid/2019/05/23Remote Cocos Keeling Islands are smothered in plastic
Factoid/2019/05/24Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Factoid/2019/05/28Phytoplankton produces more oxygen than all the world's rainforests combined
Factoid/2019/05/29Sea level rise vulnerability- its not just cities at risk
Factoid/2019/05/30Monitoring the rate of Antarctica's ice melt
Factoid/2019/05/31Happy World Reef Day!