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Factoids for the month of July, 2019

Factoid/2019/07/01Marine Protected Areas provide human benefits too
Factoid/2019/07/02New vessels explore mysterious deep sea corals
Factoid/2019/07/03Happy Fourth of July!
Factoid/2019/07/08First documented song of a North Atlantic right whale
Factoid/2019/07/09Importance of diverse habitats for resilience
Factoid/2019/07/10Plastic fishing debris is major threat to sharks and rays
Factoid/2019/07/11Sargassum returns to Florida and Caribbean beaches
Factoid/2019/07/12Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt: Biggest seaweed bloom in the world
Factoid/2019/07/15Massive tree reforestation could help fight climate change
Factoid/2019/07/16Seabirds as sentinels for ocean health
Factoid/2019/07/17Warming temps and the loss of male loggerhead turtles
Factoid/2019/07/18Severe trouble in the Gulf
Factoid/2019/07/19Searching for better policies on toxic chemicals
Factoid/2019/07/22New fish species discovered off Tanzania
Factoid/2019/07/24Guidelines to restore coral reefs
Factoid/2019/07/25Historical data confirm increased flooding events in NC
Factoid/2019/07/26Efforts to reduce environmental impacts from vessels
Factoid/2019/07/29Understanding risk from the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Factoid/2019/07/30Green infrastructure to help with increased stormwater
Factoid/2019/07/31Impacts to marine life from climate change highlight importance of local management