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Factoids for the month of August, 2019

Factoid/2019/08/01Soil pore structure impacts carbon sequestration
Factoid/2019/08/02Positive outlook for blue crab
Factoid/2019/08/05Identifying waterbird hotspots for effective conservation
Factoid/2019/08/06Infrastructure upgrade costs for sea level rise in the hundreds of billions
Factoid/2019/08/07Some tidewater glaciers melting 100 times faster than predicted
Factoid/2019/08/08Juvenile fish risk starvation due to warming waters
Factoid/2019/08/09Some climate change tipping points have already passed, must act now
Factoid/2019/08/12US stormwater systems not ready for exacerbated storms
Factoid/2019/08/13World's first unmanned journey of a saildrone around Antarctica
Factoid/2019/08/14Human-induced shift in wind is exacerbating ice melt
Factoid/2019/08/15Beyond tree diversity, forest complexity has major impact on carbon sequestration potential
Factoid/2019/08/16Green sea turtles consume plastic that looks like seaweed
Factoid/2019/08/19Like sea temperature, mercury levels in fish are on the rise
Factoid/2019/08/20Offshore oil rigs release twice as much methane than gets reported
Factoid/2019/08/21Researchers observe reef degradation at Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument
Factoid/2019/08/22U.S. methane emissions help fuel climate crisis
Factoid/2019/08/23Coastal marsh sediments produce a climate cooling gas
Factoid/2019/08/26Warming water killed over one-third of Guam's coral reefs
Factoid/2019/08/27Reintroducing beavers could be key to restoring freshwater biodiversity
Factoid/2019/08/28King tide offers glimpse into future sea levels
Factoid/2019/08/29Too much nitrogen in wetlands reduces carbon benefits
Factoid/2019/08/30Happy Labor Day!