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Factoids for the month of September, 2019

Factoid/2019/09/03Parasite responsible for sea otter deaths
Factoid/2019/09/04Coral polyps can recycle their own nitrogen
Factoid/2019/09/05Harmful effects of over-fertilization
Factoid/2019/09/06Supply of cold, dense Antarctic water returns to the Atlantic
Factoid/2019/09/09Loss of ocean oxygen at fault for mass prehistoric extinction
Factoid/2019/09/10Tracking lake behavior change as climate warms
Factoid/2019/09/11Wastewater treatment plants impacted by microplastic pollution
Factoid/2019/09/12Lightning superbolts expected this November
Factoid/2019/09/13UN high seas treaty fails to address management of over 95% of fish species
Factoid/2019/09/16Loss of phosphorus threatens global food security and environmental health
Factoid/2019/09/17Spilled oil takes 30 years to decompose
Factoid/2019/09/18Antarctic sponge may help with malaria treatment
Factoid/2019/09/19Jurassic marine crocodile identified
Factoid/2019/09/20Microplastics stunt growth of critical soil invertebrate, earthworms
Factoid/2019/09/23Four billion microplastics in Tampa Bay, FL
Factoid/2019/09/24New report on sea level rise released
Factoid/2019/09/25Sea Grant announces aquaculture research funding
Factoid/2019/09/26Successful sea otter repopulation efforts in Monterey
Factoid/2019/09/27Electric eels inspired the world's first battery in 1799
Factoid/2019/09/30Microplastics are now permanent part of Earth's sedimentary layers