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Factoids for the month of October, 2019

Factoid/2019/10/01Marine life at high risk from climate change
Factoid/2019/10/02Farmed oysters are more resilient to acidification
Factoid/2019/10/03Recovery of species after the "dinosaur-killing asteroid"
Factoid/2019/10/04Sequestering CO2 into rock below the seafloor
Factoid/2019/10/07Microplastics could disrupt Arctic sea ice
Factoid/2019/10/08The surprising age of seagrass meadows
Factoid/2019/10/09Climate change perception doesn't always translate to action
Factoid/2019/10/10Predicting extinction in a changing climate
Factoid/2019/10/11Decade, centuries or millennia- the lifetime of plastics
Factoid/2019/10/12Sea level rise and coastal hazards in Australia
Factoid/2019/10/14FEMA's Managed Retreat Program- More popular than you thought
Factoid/2019/10/15Modeling fishery distribution shifts from climate change
Factoid/2019/10/16As the climate warms, there could be new opportunity for mangroves
Factoid/2019/10/1790% of coral reefs could be lost by 2050
Factoid/2019/10/18Harmful algal blooms on the rise
Factoid/2019/10/21Sea creature disease trends linked to environmental changes
Factoid/2019/10/22Antarctic krill- important food source and carbon sequestrator
Factoid/2019/10/23The comeback of the South Atlantic Humpback Whale
Factoid/2019/10/24Croissant inspired energy storage for renewables
Factoid/2019/10/25Crab Trap App Challenge for high school students encourages recovery of ghost gear
Factoid/2019/10/28Marine biodiversity loss outpaces terrestrial biodiversity loss
Factoid/2019/10/29Coral decline in the Great Barrier Reef
Factoid/2019/10/30Why biodiversity means increased resiliency
Factoid/2019/10/3110% of global population at direct risk from sea level rise