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What is Know Your H2O and why should I care about it?

Have you ever wondered about water? There are not many things more essential to life. Not only do we need it to survive, but we recreate in it, it is beautiful, and all water is inter-connected. Believe it or not, the way we use and treat water has direct impacts on our coast. We need to change the way we think about water, stop taking it for granted, and treating it like a nuisance to be rushed off the land. We need to more closely mimic nature in how we manage water, and treat water like the precious resource that it is.

What does KYH2O have to do with Surfrider?

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Have you ever been told to stay out of the ocean for 72 hours after a rainstorm due to urban runoff? Have you noticed the increased industrialization of our coastline? Have you heard about the devastating impacts power plants and desalination plants have on marine life? Do you know that most of America is struggling with water shortages even in areas where rainfall is high, which will only get worse with climate change? Have you heard of ground water depletion or salt-water intrusion in your area? These are just some of the problems we face due to our water mismanagement.

The good news is KYH2O points to the solutions which will help protect our coast. KYH20 is all about putting the separate water agencies back together again, and preventing the pollution from reaching the ocean in the first place. Only through integrated water management can we reverse the devastating affects on our oceans and better preserve the environment for the next generation.

What is smart water use?

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Smart water use, according to Surfrider, is water use habits that are responsive to local climate, water availability, and coastal impacts. For instance, San Diego is a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, plants that naturally occur in Hawaii or Kentucky do not thrive in San Diego without insane amounts of imported water, and the excess watering usually leads to increased runoff and water pollution. Climate appropriate landscaping, smart water choices in your home, and water recycling can all help alleviate impacts to the coast from our traditional water mismanagement. Prevent the Cycle of Insanity, and get to Know Your H2O today!