Geotextile Tubes

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Geotextile Tubes (English)
ジオテキスタイルチューブ (日本語)
Geotubes installed at Ocean City, New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy

Elongated cloth bags or tubes made out of plastic material that are filled with sand that can be stacked or arranged to form a seawall-like structure. Other factors being equal, geotubes do not differ substantially from concrete, steel, or stone structures in their impact on the beaches. When they are covered with sand and used for dune restoration, the sand covering is often quickly removed by wind or waves and the bags may be exposed after the first significant storm. See also: Sand Bags

This article is part of a series on Shoreline Structures looking at types of structures commonly built along shorelines, and the policies, laws, and regulations which can affect where and under what conditions they are built.

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