Embedding video and audio clips

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How to embed video code

To embed videos on a Wiki page, you will need the "embed code" from the video source. The code will probably look something like this:

<youtube dimensions="640x360" alignment="inline">FqT1g2riQ30</youtube>

Most video sources will provide the embed code, although some may not.

Depending on how you want the video to be lined up on the page you are embedding it on, you may need to add some small bits of HTML around the embed code. That chunk of code then goes inside special tags on the wiki page, which tell the wiki that the content is raw HTML:

...embed code...

So, putting it all together, you get:

<youtube dimensions="640x360" alignment="inline">FqT1g2riQ30</youtube>

Which results in:

Vimeo Account

We have set up an account on Vimeo for uploading videos to be used on Beachapedia: If you have created a video to be included in an article just send an email to beachapedia at surfrider dot org so that we can send you uploading instructions.

Embedding Audio

You may have an audio clip or podcast that is relevant to a topic. Simply upload the mp3 file using the "Upload File" link in the left toolbar. You then need to use an embed code similar to what you used for a video, except that we use our own player. So if you upload a file called File:Beachmedia 1.mp3 you just go to its description page and copy the link to the file (right-click > copy link), then insert that in the code.

<vimeo dimensions="400x300" alignment="inline">62390966</vimeo>

This results in a small audio player like this: