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Talk Pages

What's a "Talk Page"?

Talk Pages are discussion pages associated with articles, user pages, or other pages on wikis. They are useful for making suggestions, feature requests, or debating what should or should not be included in a page. If one section on a particular page is getting long and might justify becoming its own page, the talk page is where the suggestion and discussion should be taking place.

Users also have their own talk pages. These can be used to request that someone look at a new source for a project that they are working on, or request some other action. To view or edit your personal Talk Page, click HERE or on the "My Talk" link at the top of any Beachapedia page.

Why would I use the Talk Page?

Because Talk pages are part of the wiki, revision histories are kept, and a trail is created for proposed changes. All of that is accessible from within the wiki, meaning that there is a "one-stop shop" for all of the information and discussion. Also, changes to user talk pages usually result in an email being sent by the wiki to that user.

How do I find the Talk Page?

The talk page for any article, page, or user can be viewed and edited by clicking on the "Discussion" tab at the top of the article. A User's talk page can be found in the same manner from the User's user page. User talk pages can also be accessed from the Recent Changes page by clicking on the "Talk" link next to the name of the person who made a change.