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User Pages

Every user on Beachapedia has their own user page. This is a great place to put a description of who you are, what your affiliation is with the site, and provide other information which would be helpful to other users.

Finding your user page

When you are logged in to Beachapedia, a link with your username appears on the left of the links in the upper right corner of the page. It will have this icon next to it: . If you click on your username, you will be taken to your user page. If you have not created a user page, the you username will appear in red, and clicking on it will take you to a page which will let you create a user page. You can also click HERE to access your user page.

Editing your user page

User pages work just like any other page in the wiki. You can add and remove sections, create links, lists, and other elements, and do anything else that you would like.

What to put on your user page

Anything you want! There are no rules as to what information you choose to put (or not put) on your page. It is your user page. Some things that might be helpful to include are:

  • Who you are
    This may be less relevant if your username is obvious or derived from your real name, but some contributors may not know who everybody is, so some identifying information may be helpful.
  • What you do
    If you have specific tasks that you are working on, such as translations, or a specific area of expertise that you are primarily focused on, that information may be helpful to other users who need to consult about contents or tasks that may pertain to your area of expertise.
  • Projects
    If you are working on specific projects related to Beachapedia, your user page is a good place to list them. This allows other users to know what you are working on so that they don't wind up trying to do the same thing at the same time. It also allows for the posting of periodic updates as to the status of projects, keeping other editors in the loop as to what is going on with your contributions and changes to the site.
  • Anything else
    As was mentioned before, your user page is yours, so anything of interest to you can be posted there. Users on WikiPedia frequently post their location, areas of expertise, groups of which they are a member, and even their preferences as to computers and software. While these things may not be relevant to Beachapedia's content, they can help with finding other folks who are using a particular browser or editing software to ask how to do a particular task or solve problems.