Ocean Friendly Gardens Activist Toolkit/Sample OFG Strategic Plan

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Ocean Friendly Gardens Activist Toolkit
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Chapter 9: Example of an OFG Strategic Planning Chart

Here is a template for a Strategic Planning Chart. Samples of Charts and Strategic Plans from Chapters are provided BELOW.

Goals Constraints Allies Targets Tactics (Actions) Timeline
Short Term:
  • Gather info: government, others
  • Do a Lawn Patrol (walk)
  • OFGs identified and given signs
  • Updated Chapter OFG webpages

Mid Term:

  • Create gardens
  • More OFG signs in the ground
  • Education
  • Host classes

Long Term:

  • Log all gardens
  • OFG mentors
  • Neighborhood network


  • Assess value of existing efforts
  • Follow through happening?
  • Chapter working on OFGs at homes or public space?
  • Native Plant Society
  • Landscape Professionals
  • Nurseries
  • Water agencies
  • Landscape Professionals
  • Water quality dept.
  • Water districts
  • Apartment landlords


  • Outreach to apts.
  • Online orientation for new volunteers
  • “How-to” kits

Promotion of activities:

  • Online
  • At locations:
    • Nurseries
    • City calendars
    • Cafes
    • Film - short intro to OFG
  • Online OFG discussion group - Facebook

SF-WB MWD classes:

  • Tie in with:
    • SF WQ efforts
    • Teach & Test/Blue Water Task Force

Event: Lawn Patrol + Garden Party

  • keep to about one street

Collect information about local resources, rebates

Next steps:

  • Estimate a budget - fundraising you can do and what you need from the chapter
  • Submit to Executive Committee