Sea Level Rise Event

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To demonstrate the importance of the KYH2O principles your chapter could organize a Sea-Level-Rise (SLR) marking day.

  • The first step is to do some research and determine the anticipated SLR projections for your region.
  • Look at historical data; include information from the King Tides Project to determine the highest water level previously. Remember that storm events plus high tides pose serious threats to public and private infrastructure from climate change.
  • Find key infrastructre that is threatened within projected SLR scenarios (such as wastewater treatment plants, airports, shopping centers and beach access).
  • Issue a press release and takes lots of pictures.
  • Use this event to draw attention to facilities that need to be updated or relocated to adapt to SLR.
  • Remember KYH2O done right can help mitigate the affects of climate change, and climate change adaptions are an opportunity to incorporate more multiple-benefit solutions.

KYH2O is at both the beginning and the end of the feedback loop. KYH2O can help us adapt to and mitigate climate change and associated SLR rise. Alternatively, by ignoring KYH20 principles and relying on traditional disjointed water management, we can actually exacerbate climate change and SLR.