Seawalls/Photo Gallery

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A classic example of "placement loss". The dry beach is being covered by a riprap seawall in San Diego, California.
Another example of "placement loss" and "passive erosion". In San Clemente, Caflornia, this seawall and the houses sit on what would be a nice sandy beach. In addition, passive erosion has resulted in a total loss of beach during high tide.
Another angle of the seawall in San Clemente, CA. As you can see, lateral beach access (the ability to walk along the beach) is completely lost during high tide.
Not only is access lost, the seawall also presents a hazard for beach goers.
This seawall in San Clemente restricts beach access to those who can climb this riprap and makes beach access hazardous to all.
Another example of a riprap seawall restricting beach access.
This seawall is collapsing on the beach as it is undercut by erosion events. Several-ton boulders are falling onto the sand creating a hazardous situation for beach goers.