Sweep Don't Hose Ordinance

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“Sweep Don’t Hose” Ordinance: Your Chapter can advocate for a sweep don’t hose ordinance in your city. Hosing down driveways, yards and sideways, not only wastes precious drinking water, but it also contributes to stormwater pollution. Sweeping impermeable surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks helps keeps debris and pollutants out of the storm drain system.

  • Gather a team who want to help limit stormwater pollution.
  • Review current regulations to determine if the regulations to sweep and not hose are missing or if it is an enforcement problem.
  • Find a “champion”, a local official who is on your side and willing to help make this ordinance or enforcement happen.
  • Attend local City Council meetings; provide “non-agenda” public comment to get the idea of a “sweep don’t hose” ordinance on your Council’s radar.
  • Gather signatures
  • Hold a Sweep Don't Hose event, take pictures, and conduct a neighborhood walk. Use this to garner attention for the issue and make sure you get the press involved.
  • Sample ordinance language coming soon