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Factoids for the month of August, 2002

Factoid/2002/08/02Norwegian Cruise Ships Admits to Illegal Dumping
Factoid/2002/08/06New, Strict Air Pollution Rules Proposed for Boat Motors
Factoid/2002/08/07Government Not Enforcing Clean Water Act Against Biggest Polluters
Factoid/2002/08/08EPA's Revising Polluted Runoff Rules for Construction Sites
Factoid/2002/08/09Army Corps Is Supposed to Protect Wetlands, But Allows Their Destruction Instead
Factoid/2002/08/12Bush Administration Wants No Enviro Laws for Most US Ocean Waters
Factoid/2002/08/14Save Lots of Water with Front-Loading Washing Machine
Factoid/2002/08/15Overharvesting of Blue Crabs Could Decimate East Coast Salt Marshes
Factoid/2002/08/16Saving Water Through Smart Showers
Factoid/2002/08/19Jet Skis Are Extremely Dangerous
Factoid/2002/08/21Phytoplankton In Decline?
Factoid/2002/08/22Pavement Equals Runoff
Factoid/2002/08/23Coastal Areas Vulnerable to Effects of Climate Change
Factoid/2002/08/26Sunlight May Help Block Some Cancers
Factoid/2002/08/27Malibu's Selfish and Wealthy Homeowners Block Public Beach Access
Factoid/2002/08/28Alaska's Long Coastline and Bountiful Ocean Waters
Factoid/2002/08/2910% or More of Pavement in a Watershed Spells Trouble
Factoid/2002/08/30Dysfunctional Coastal Development Causes Widespread Coastal Degradation