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Factoids for the month of April, 2006

Factoid/2006/04/03Only 13% of U.S. Ocean Fish Stocks Are 'Healthy'
Factoid/2006/04/04Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Is Acidifying the Oceans
Factoid/2006/04/05Increasing Ocean Acidity and Carbon Dioxide Can Cause Big Problems
Factoid/2006/04/07Coastal Oil Spills Affect People's Health, Too
Factoid/2006/04/10Congress Stops Proposed Offshore Wind Farm for Nantucket Sound
Factoid/2006/04/11Unprecedented Die-Off of Caribbean Coral Reefs
Factoid/2006/04/13Help from the Ocean for Fighting Antibiotic Resistant Staph
Factoid/2006/04/14American Public Is Cognizant of Global Warming Really Happening
Factoid/2006/04/17Ocean Dumping, the London Convention, and the 1996 Protocol
Factoid/2006/04/18Vacuuming Invasive Algae in Kaneohe Bay on Oahu
Factoid/2006/04/19Sewage Outfalls in Southeast Florida Coastal Waters
Factoid/2006/04/20Non-Native Iguanas Taking Over Florida Barrier Island
Factoid/2006/04/21Are Big Ports and Adjacent Beaches 'Diesel Death Zones?'
Factoid/2006/04/24Proposed Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Factoid/2006/04/2517 Teaspoons of Chemicals for 1 Non-Organic, Cotton T-Shirt
Factoid/2006/04/26Hawaii, After the 50+ Million Gallon Sewage Spill into Waikiki
Factoid/2006/04/27Plastic In the Ocean Doesn't Go Away
Factoid/2006/04/28A High Environmental Cost from Ocean Fish Farms