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Factoids for the month of June, 2013

Factoid/2013/06/03Plastic Bag Bans are Increasing
Factoid/2013/06/04Many Seawalls are Built Without Permits
Factoid/2013/06/05June is National Oceans Month
Factoid/2013/06/06This is Rip Current Awareness Week
Factoid/2013/06/07Tomorrow is World Oceans Day!
Factoid/2013/06/10Much of What We Throw in the Ocean Ends Up on the Bottom
Factoid/2013/06/11The Signs of Drowning are Often Not Obvious
Factoid/2013/06/12More Habitat Means More Fish
Factoid/2013/06/13The Wetsuit Has Allowed Year-Round Surfing
Factoid/2013/06/14Beach Erosion is a Big Issue in Texas
Factoid/2013/06/17The Ocean Sustains Us
Factoid/2013/06/18Adapting to Coastal Climate Change is Imperative
Factoid/2013/06/19Surfing Economics Matter!
Factoid/2013/06/20Today is International Surfing Day!
Factoid/2013/06/21Wastewater Purification is a Better Deal Than Ocean Desal
Factoid/2013/06/24Many Shipwrecks Pose a Pollution Threat
Factoid/2013/06/25Hurricane Season is Here
Factoid/2013/06/26There are (at least) 50 Ways to Save the Ocean
Factoid/2013/06/27Clean Beaches are Worth It!
Factoid/2013/06/28The Gulf Oil Spill is Still Being Cleaned Up