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Factoids for the month of July, 2013

Factoid/2013/07/01The United States Has Not Ratified the Law of the Sea Convention
Factoid/2013/07/02Coastal Resilience Uses Adaptable Infrastructure and Natural Ecosystems to Reduce Risk
Factoid/2013/07/03Altering Sand Transport Along the Coast Has Major Consequences
Factoid/2013/07/08Dolphins Can Whale Surf
Factoid/2013/07/09Derechos Can Cause Tsunamis - Who Knew?
Factoid/2013/07/10Ocean and Beach Plastic Debris is a Problem - Even in Alaska
Factoid/2013/07/11Re-thinking our Urban Landscapes Can Help Solve Stormwater Pollution Problems
Factoid/2013/07/12We Need to Know (and Re-think) Our H2O
Factoid/2013/07/15Conservation is the Cheapest Source of New Water
Factoid/2013/07/16Wastewater is a Renewable Resource
Factoid/2013/07/17Natural Habitats Protect Against Storm Damage
Factoid/2013/07/18Sometimes Tropical Cyclones Can Intensify Over Land
Factoid/2013/07/19Healthy Oceans Benefit Everyone
Factoid/2013/07/22The Most Dangerous Sea Creatures May Not Be What You Think
Factoid/2013/07/23There's a Surf Spot in Wyoming?
Factoid/2013/07/24Scientists are Mapping Oceanic Plankton Worldwide
Factoid/2013/07/25Today is Swimmable California Day
Factoid/2013/07/26Beach Fill Projects Can Bury Surf Breaks
Factoid/2013/07/29Paris Has Beaches - For a Month
Factoid/2013/07/30Trash on the Beach is a Worldwide Problem