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Factoids for the month of August, 2013

Factoid/2013/08/01Yesterday was the Nation's First Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Auction
Factoid/2013/08/02Tropical Storms are Very Rare in California
Factoid/2013/08/05This is Shark Week!
Factoid/2013/08/06Dog Waste Can Contribute to Ocean Pollution
Factoid/2013/08/07Real-life Events Inspired the Novel Moby Dick
Factoid/2013/08/08Shark Attacks on the Pacific Coast are Quite Rare
Factoid/2013/08/09Whale Sharks are Filter Feeders
Factoid/2013/08/12The Oceans are Bigger Than Many People Think
Factoid/2013/08/13Injected Wastewater on Maui Reaches the Ocean
Factoid/2013/08/14We Tend to Forget What Used to be Normal in the Ocean
Factoid/2013/08/15Warmer Temperatures are Causing Species to Shift Towards the Poles
Factoid/2013/08/16It's Costly to Remove 'Free' Coastline Protection
Factoid/2013/08/19Climate Change Impacts are Real in Kivalina, Alaska
Factoid/2013/08/20Bacteria is a Concern in Pools
Factoid/2013/08/21There are Several Huge 'Indoor Beaches' Around the World
Factoid/2013/08/22An Entire New Jersey City May Be Raised 11 Feet
Factoid/2013/08/23Broward County, Florida is Considering Using Pulverized Glass to Build Beaches
Factoid/2013/08/26Sand is in Short Supply in Florida
Factoid/2013/08/27Red Tides are Common During the Summer in Southern California
Factoid/2013/08/28Two-Thirds of the Oceans are Unprotected
Factoid/2013/08/29The Real Ocean Baseline Goes Back 100 Years or More
Factoid/2013/08/30Sea Urchins Can be Beneficial or Detrimental to Ecosystem Health