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City of Thousand Oaks Continues to Pollute Ventura County Beaches

Thousand Oaks in Southern California has a horrible record of sewage spills. In 1989, about 800,000 gallons of raw sewage were discharged. In 1995, 12 million gallons spilled during a week long episode. In July 1998 there was the mammoth 86-million-gallon spill. Also in 1998, the state water board discovered that 14,400 gallons of raw sewage were being improperly discharged from the Thousand Oak's sewage treatment plant daily. Most recently, in August of 2001, there was an estimated 30,000-gallon sewage spill. Much of the raw sewage spilled by Thousand Oaks ends up in Ventura County coastal waters. More info at the Los Angeles Times web site (for a limited time, see free access to

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