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Factoids for the month of October, 2001

Factoid/2001/10/01Newport Beach Against Sewage Dumping in Offshore Waters
Factoid/2001/10/02Wisconsin Gives Awards $6.9 Million in Grants Against Runoff Pollution
Factoid/2001/10/03Cruise Ship Confirmed As Killer Of Humpback Whale
Factoid/2001/10/04Talk About Conflict of Interest...
Factoid/2001/10/05City of Thousand Oaks Continues to Pollute Ventura County Beaches
Factoid/2001/10/09California Voters and the Coastal Initiative
Factoid/2001/10/10Humpback Whales
Factoid/2001/10/11Groins at the Beach Cause Lots of Problems
Factoid/2001/10/12Secondary Treatment of Sewage Often Inadequate
Factoid/2001/10/15Airborne Pollution Contaminating Oceans
Factoid/2001/10/16Marine Mammals Need More Protection
Factoid/2001/10/17Big Public Reaction Against Planned Sonar Deployment by Navy
Factoid/2001/10/18Eutrophication in Coastal Estuaries
Factoid/2001/10/19The Timeless Beach
Factoid/2001/10/22Navy Sonar Injures Marine Mammals
Factoid/2001/10/23Threatened And Endangered Species in Hawaii
Factoid/2001/10/25Environmental Leaders
Factoid/2001/10/26The Largest Animal Ever
Factoid/2001/10/29Clams and Cement
Factoid/2001/10/30The Point Off the Coast of Cape Hatteras
Factoid/2001/10/31Coastal Nuclear Power Plant Near Surfrider National Office