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Factoids for the month of April, 2002

Factoid/2002/04/01EPA's New Coastal Condition Report
Factoid/2002/04/03Lots of Great Lakes Beaches
Factoid/2002/04/04The Whole USA Is a Coastal Watershed
Factoid/2002/04/05Beach Development Over Snowy Plovers
Factoid/2002/04/08Eat Whale Meat? No Thanks.
Factoid/2002/04/09Need for Marine Protected Areas - Fishers Are Too Skilled
Factoid/2002/04/10Why MPA's? Fishers Are Armed with Military Technology
Factoid/2002/04/11Public Approval of Marine Protected Areas
Factoid/2002/04/12Recognition for Clean Water
Factoid/2002/04/15Rolling Back Jet Ski Bans
Factoid/2002/04/16New Whale Species Found in California Waters
Factoid/2002/04/17Why You Shouldn't Eat the Free Whale Meat in Tokyo
Factoid/2002/04/18Marine Reserves Work Well
Factoid/2002/04/19Sprawl, Driving Cars, and Coastal Degradation
Factoid/2002/04/22Powerboats Killing Even More FL Manatees
Factoid/2002/04/23Carnival Cruise Lines Guilty of Criminal Polluting
Factoid/2002/04/24Plastic Cigarette Butts Most Common Beach Litter
Factoid/2002/04/25Plastics in Oceans Promoting Non-Native Species Invasion
Factoid/2002/04/26Department of Defense Wants Full-Time Permission to Trash Environment
Factoid/2002/04/29NASA Launches Satellite For Water Cycle Study
Factoid/2002/04/30International Marine Mammal Project