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Factoids for the month of February, 2005

Factoid/2005/02/02Some Beach Water Quality Hotspots in Puerto Rico
Factoid/2005/02/04EPA Wants to Weaken the Clean Water Act Again
Factoid/2005/02/07International Scientists Are Calling for a Moratorium on Long Line Fishing to Save the Pacific Leatherback Turtle
Factoid/2005/02/08US Tsunami Warning System Needs Big Repairs
Factoid/2005/02/10Bush's Proposed 2006 Budget Has Draconian Cuts in Beach Water Quality Related Programs
Factoid/2005/02/11Pew Fellowship to Help Establish Marine Protected Areas in the Solomon Islands
Factoid/2005/02/14Equality Among Surfers
Factoid/2005/02/15Coastal Trash Legislation Introduced in the Senate
Factoid/2005/02/17New Highway through San Onofre State Beach Is Highly Inappropriate, Says the CA Attorney General
Factoid/2005/02/18Very Big Alaska Oil Spill in Coastal Wildlife Refuge
Factoid/2005/02/21Ocean Warming Strongly Linked to Global Warming Emissions
Factoid/2005/02/22No Room for Doubt: Ocean's Getting Warmer and People Are to Blame
Factoid/2005/02/23135 Members of Congress Sign Letter Against EPA's Relaxing of Sewage Dumping Laws
Factoid/2005/02/24Natural Coastlines Helped Protect Against Tsunami's Wrath
Factoid/2005/02/28New Tidepool Protection Officer for Laguna Beach, CA