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Factoids for the month of April, 2005

Factoid/2005/04/04Different Beaches Are Made of Different Kinds of Materials
Factoid/2005/04/05Research Links Farm Runoff to Algal Blooms
Factoid/2005/04/07Manatee Rights
Factoid/2005/04/08Top Predator Fish Populations Are Plummeting
Factoid/2005/04/11Military Bungling Cleanup of Closed, Coastal Military Bases
Factoid/2005/04/13Future Oil/Gas Offshore Drilling Threatens Florida Coast
Factoid/2005/04/14Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Would Undermine Protection for All Our Wildlife Refuges
Factoid/2005/04/15Offshore Drilling Moratorium Expires in 2012
Factoid/2005/04/18This Time, Private Money and Influence Can't Stop Public Beach Access in Malibu
Factoid/2005/04/1970 Feet High Rogue Wave Strikes Cruise Liner Off Florida Coast
Factoid/2005/04/20Ships' Ballast Tanks Often Carry Deadly Organisms
Factoid/2005/04/21New Computer Model for USA Hurricane Predictions
Factoid/2005/04/22Estimated 250,000 Seal Pups Killed in Canada This Spring
Factoid/2005/04/25Staghorn and Elkhorn Corals To Be Proposed For Listing Under U.S. Endangered Species Act
Factoid/2005/04/27Red Tide In Southwest Florida Difficult To Deal With
Factoid/2005/04/28Preserving Important Parts of the Waterfront for Our Great-Grandchildren's Great-Grandchildren