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Factoids for the month of June, 2005

Factoid/2005/06/01Navy Cleanup of Waterfront Bases Often Inadequate
Factoid/2005/06/02Ten Beautiful Places without Jetskis
Factoid/2005/06/03UN Warns that Caribbean Is Not Prepared For Hurricanes
Factoid/2005/06/06Rock Jetties at the Beach Implicated in Swimmer's Deaths
Factoid/2005/06/07Rip Currents (1 of 3)
Factoid/2005/06/08Rip Currents (2 of 3)
Factoid/2005/06/09Rip Currents (3 of 3)
Factoid/2005/06/10Florida Red Tides Are Toxic to Marine Mammals
Factoid/2005/06/13Bad Coastal Development Can Worsen Tsunami's Destruction (1 of 2)
Factoid/2005/06/14Bad Coastal Development Can Worsen Tsunami's Destruction (2 of 2)
Factoid/2005/06/15Large Multinational Companies Urge Action on Global Warming
Factoid/2005/06/16Importance of Water Quality and Beach Access in New England
Factoid/2005/06/17Why Do So Few Americans Pay Heed to Global Warming?
Factoid/2005/06/20Trawl Fishing Banned in Large Area Off West Coast
Factoid/2005/06/21Congress Is Deliberating The Clean Cruise Ship Act of 2005
Factoid/2005/06/22Japan Loses Vote to Increase Whaling
Factoid/2005/06/23Designing Fish Farms So That Marine Ecosystems Are Not Harmed
Factoid/2005/06/24Record Levels of Toxins in Shell Fish in Maine from Current Red Tide
Factoid/2005/06/27Oceans Are an Untapped Reservoir of Possible Medicines
Factoid/2005/06/28Big Problems with Army Corps' Beach Fill Plan for Long Beach, NY
Factoid/2005/06/29Large Cruise Ships Are Big Coastal Water Polluters
Factoid/2005/06/30Discarded Pharmaceuticals Endangering Aquatic Life and People?